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New Release: Jostein Vidnes Berntsen

Updated: May 7, 2022

Pre-release news - One new song release by Jostein Vidnes Berntsen on May 14th 2022:

Following the debut single «Chastened» from Jostein Vidnes Berntsen in late November 2021, and the recently released: «I’ve Come To Realize» in April, a new single will be released in May 2022.

Coming out from May 14th is «It’s Only What You’ve Done To Me» which will further excite the acoustic soundscape that were evident in the first two releases. There are some new sounds and production coming into this song with it’s beautiful musical message in the intertwined notes building the human spirit. Listen and love and open the door to your heart as Darrell Banks sang some time ago.

This release is a part of a coming album that will be launched later this year. The recordings are being made in Uleberg Sound Studio.

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