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We are excited - New studio gear ordered

We are so excited. We have done more great investments in our studio. This will improve even furter our sound quality in recording, mixing and mastering.

Undertone Audio MPDI4 is a great preamp and DI that add a fantastic colour to any recording you run through it.

The MPDI-4 is as musical as it is powerful and flexible. It features 4 individual Mic Preamp/DI circuits housed in a single 1RU chassis. With by-passable transformers, switchable output headroom, and adjustable THD characteristics, the sound of the MPDI-4 can range from astonishingly pristine to warm, thick, and harmonically colorful. It may well be the only preamp that is truly perfect for every situation!

We have also invested more in Neumann microphones. This time we added 2 new Neumann KM 184 microphones to our selections list. These are great for overheads and recording acoustic instruments like guitars and mandolins. Use this along with Undertone Audio preamp and an Imperial Labs Distressor, then you have that magic sound on acoustic instruments.

Next, we have invested in a new recording interface. We wanted to upgrade this time to some of the best. Welcome to our new Antelope Galaxy 32 Synergy Core. This sounds fantastic and have some of the high end best ADC DAC converters in the world. The Galaxy 32 Synergy Core sets a new performance standard in its class by expanding the capabilities of the Orion 32 line with Dante audio networking and Synergy Core processing. Designed for professional recording studios and high-profile production and broadcasting facilities, the interface offers 32 channels of analog I/O with mastering grade AD/DA conversion and clocking as well as industry standard HDX and Thunderbolt for easy integration with your setup.

The multi-channel box allows usto connect all your gear into an 1U rack-mountable chassis. Aside from taking on the role of a patch bay, the interface handles all routing, recording, and monitoring and allows us to easily interconnect multiple rooms. Placing the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core as the hub of our setup means less complexity and pristine conversion for all connected gear.

With Galaxy 32 Synergy Core we can capture our recordings with flawless precision and no coloration, and monitor mixes with mastering-grade quality. Utilizing the same 64-bit AFC™ clocking from high-end master clocks like the Isochrone Trinity guarantees the quality of the AD/DA conversion, which over the years has proven irreplaceable for some of the most acclaimed studios in the world. This makes the interface the essential source of true sound every professional audio engineer needs.

We are excited, and our goal are to create the best sounding recordings, mixes and mastered productions to your audience. Read more on Antelope Galaxy 32 here:

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